Slicer Machine NPJ-3000

  • Slicing rate: 3,100 slice/h

  • Unique adjustable angle slicing technology

  • Adjustable desired weight and thickness of the slice

  • Labor saving — 1 operator


Product information

NPJ-3000 is a machine for slicing fish of different species using a unique technology. The distinctive feature of the slicer is the knives that automatically operate in two planes – horizontal and vertical. The machine scans the passing filet, determining its size and weight. Approaching the tail end of the filet, the knives change their angle. Because of such cutting method, small pieces become visually larger in volume.

Besides, the operator can independently set the slicing parameters: weight, width and height of each slice.

Technical description

Maximum Dimension length-60 mm / height-50 mm
Capacity: 3.100 slices/h
Power Supply: 3 kWt
Air Consumption: 0.75 W
Range of turning angle: +60° 〜−60° 
Range of cutting angle: 30°〜90° 
Weight: 500 kg
Total Size (L x W x H): 1966 х 1056 х 1612 mm


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