Salmon Roe Separators NRS

  • High throughput

  • Saving labor -2 to 4 operators depending on model

  • Simple integration with Rinsing and Cleaning Roe Machine NRSS-1000
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning.


Product information

The NRS Separator is a salmon roe screener that separates roe eggs from skein using our patented technology. Operators only need to place the egg skein on the conveyor. The entire process of roe separation from skein is automated, without the use of manual labor. The average roe output after screening is 75%*. Screened roe enters the collecting container, which can be connected to NRSS-1000 Rinsing and Cleaning Machine for the integrated preparation of roe for the following seasoning. Such a combination allows transferring screened roe for rinsing and cleaning without using additional employees.

The NRS separator is available in two models, depending on the desired throughput:

NRS-500: average production capacity on Chum Roe – 500 kg/h;
Pink salmon Roe – 250 kg/h. Maintenance personnel – 2 operators.

NRS-1000: average production capacity on Chum Roe – 1000 kg/h;
Pink salmon Roe – 600 kg/h. Maintenance personnel – 4 operators.

NRS separators can be a good choice both for large enterprises and companies with smaller volumes of processed Roe.

Technical description

Capacity: NRS-500: Salmon Roe-500 kg/h.
NRS-1000: Salmon Roe-1000 kg/h.
Power Supply: 2.05 kWt
Salt Water Consumption: 10-40 liters/min
Weight: NRS-500: 250 kg.
NRS-1000: 360 kg.
Total Size NRS-500 (L x W x H): 1949 х 1391 х 1586 mm
Total Size NRS-1000 (L x W x H): 2442 х 1591 х 1542 mm


Nikko provides maintenance services to prevent failures, improve performance, in the event of unexpected breakdowns, provide remote or on-site assistance.

In order to ensure optimal performance of Nikko equipment, we supply high-quality spare parts and enter into individual maintenance agreements with our customers.

We provide the following services in relation to this product:

  • Customer service center
  • Critical parts kits
  • Calibration
  • Production processes consulting
  • Inspection visits
  • Training
  • Consumable kits