Salmon Filleting Machine NSB-300

  • Processing rate: up to 1,500 pcs/h

  • 3 types of fish filleting

  • Saving labor — 1 operator

  • Additionally, the unit is equipped with a knife sharpening mechanism.


Product information

NSB-300 is a universal filleting machine with adjustable operating mode. It is fully automatic, works with different breeds of salmon and supports several splitting modes: into 2 parts, with the removal of the backbone, and preservation or removal of the coastal bones.

Raw product limitations: 2- 6 kg. Band knives of the machine automatically adjust to changes in the fish size. Floating knives are adjust to the backbone thickness and follow its contour. This ensures high yield of the product.

Additionally, the unit is equipped with a knife sharpening mechanism that reduces maintenance time and costs.

Technical description

Capacity: 25-30 pcs/min
Power Supply: 4.6 kWt
Water Consumption: 20 liters/min
Air Consumption: Compressor 1.5 kW
Weight: 495 kg
Total Size (L x W x H): 1574 х 1619 х 1995 mm


Nikko provides maintenance services to prevent failures, improve performance, in the event of unexpected breakdowns, provide remote or on-site assistance.

In order to ensure optimal performance of Nikko equipment, we supply high-quality spare parts and enter into individual maintenance agreements with our customers.

We provide the following services in relation to this product:

  • Customer service center
  • Critical parts kits
  • Calibration
  • Production processes consulting
  • Inspection visits
  • Training
  • Consumable kits

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