Injectors NSI

  • Brine injection rate: up to 1,500 pcs/h

  • Ensure stable brine consistency

  • High product Yield

  • Filtration of used brine for further use


Product information

NSI injectors are units for fish seasoning through injections. The unit is serviced by one operator, who can set the brine consistency, adjust the pressure, set the speed of the fillet and the frequency of injections all by themselves.

Instantaneous and uniform distribution of brine in the fillet, as well as the ability to adjust the seasoning process allow you to experiment with the taste of the final product.

The NSI injectors consists of two components:

— Brine tank with fine filter system
— Automatic injector

Technical description

Fillet maximum height: 50 mm
Capacity NSI-120: 12 pcs/min
Power Supply NSI-120: 2,5 kWt
Air Consumption NSI-120: 50 NL/min
Weight NSI-120: 550 kg
Total Size NSI-120 (L x W x H): 1950 х 830 х 1660 mm
Capacity NSI-240: 24 pcs/min
Power Supply NSI-240: 5 kWt
Air Consumption NSI-240: 50 NL/min
Weight NSI-240: 800 kg
Total Size NSI-240 (L x W x H): 1950 х 1190 х 1660 mm
Injector Tank: 145 liters
Tank Weight: 125 kg
Tank engine power: 40 W
Tank Total Size (L х W х H): 1050 х 700 х 880 mm


Nikko provides maintenance services to prevent failures, improve performance, in the event of unexpected breakdowns, provide remote or on-site assistance.

In order to ensure optimal performance of Nikko equipment, we supply high-quality spare parts and enter into individual maintenance agreements with our customers.

We provide the following services in relation to this product:

  • Customer service center
  • Critical parts kits
  • Calibration
  • Production processes consulting
  • Inspection visits
  • Training
  • Consumable kits