Gutter Machine NMG-501

  • Fish processing rate: up to 3,000 pcs/h

  • Available for different size ranges

  • No damage for fish eggs

  • Saving labor – 1 operator


Product information

NMG-501 is an automatic machine for an accurate gutting of fish, safe removal of roe skein, cleaning of the abdominal cavity and washing the trunk inside and out. The machine uses a patented mechanism for removing guts and milts with a scraper. This prevents damage to natural films and internal organs, and there is no unnecessary contact with water.

All excess waste from gutting and cleaning is removed to a special container. Additional protection of roe against harmful effects of external factors is achieved due to the extraction of roe skein undamaged, while maintaining the integrity of natural films.
Delicate handling with roe skein and other internal fish organs allows the processing of salmon in compliance with high sanitary standards.

NMG-501 is easy to use, does not require complex adjustments and settings, thus minimizing production downtime. The process of gutting and washing is equally effective with both fresh and defrosted or heavily delayed salmon.

Technical description

Fish size: 2-6 kg
Capacity: 20-50 pcs/min
Power Supply: 5.65 kWt
Water Consumption: 80 liters/min
Air Consumption: 200 liters/min
Weight: 740 kg
Total Size (L x W x H) 3825 х 1020 х 1821 mm


Nikko provides maintenance services to prevent failures, improve performance, in the event of unexpected breakdowns, provide remote or on-site assistance.

In order to ensure optimal performance of Nikko equipment, we supply high-quality spare parts and enter into individual maintenance agreements with our customers.

We provide the following services in relation to this product:

  • Customer service center
  • Critical parts kits
  • Calibration
  • Production processes consulting
  • Inspection visits
  • Training
  • Consumable kits