Autosheller NHS-5000

  • Processing rate: 5,760 shells/h

  • Replaces up to 11 operators

  • High quality output


Product information

Autosheller NHS-5000 is a continuous full-cycle scallop processing line with a patented operating principle. By simply placing the scallop on the machine, the Auto Sheller automatically separates shell, mantle, stomach, and collects the adductor muscle.

Technical description

Shell size: 8-12 sm
Capacity: 5760 pcs/min
Power Supply: 11 kWt
Water Consumption: 40 liters/min
Salt Water Consumption: 10 liters/min
Air Consumption: 1,200 liters/min
(need compressor 11kW)
Steam Supply: 300 kg/min
Additional Supply Salt and fresh water
Compressor and boiler equipment
Weight: 2400 kg
Total Size (L x W x H): 4600 х 1900 х 2700 mm


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