Auto Header NOH-100

  • Fish processing rate: up to 3,000 pcs/h

  • Increase yield

  • Fresh and frozen fish processing

  • Saving labor -2 operators


Product information

NOH-100 is an automatic header machine with a conveyor feeding of raw product. V-shaped cutting technology uses a pneumatically driven knife, which is washed with water during operation. This cutting technology significantly increases the yield of finished products and reduces the amount of waste. The machine can be supplied with a skew or j-shaped knife. The blade is made of heavy-duty steel and can be used without sharpening for several seasons. The accurate result is also due to the laser pointer used to align the position of the fish.
The Auto Header NOH-100 works equally effectively with both fresh and frozen fish.

Technical description

Fish size: 2-6 kg
Capacity: 30-50 pcs/min
Power Supply: 0.4 kWt
Water Consumption: 20 liters/min
Air Consumption: 300 liters/min
Weight: 400 kg
Total Size (L x W x H): 2410 х 1465 х 1798 mm


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