NIKKO manufacturing plant. Seafood processing equipment.

Kazuo Sato

Date of Foundation:
December 1977 г.


Nikko is the largest manufacturer of seafood processing equipment in Japan.

The history of the company dates back more than 40 years, and it has been repeatedly recognized as the best enterprise in Japan. The technical and scientific capabilities of the enterprise have been singled out with awards and prizes on numerous occasions, more than 100 unique processing technologies are protected by international patents.

Company President

Директор компании Nikko
Nikko President: Kazuo Sato

Over the recent years, the world, including Japan, has witnessed essential changes in various areas such as lifestyle, social environment, service industry, financial and manufacturing industry. We believe the development of innovative technologies, the Internet, Big Data, and AI will help to digitize and optimize our lives and economies. These days it is impossible to deny a world where computers have intelligence and make judgments about various matters instead of people, surpassing the human brain. Furthermore, changes in business structure and business methods along with advances in technology can have such an effect that the balance of power in every industry will change. It would not be an exaggeration to call the turning point of our era.

The food industry, being the focus of our business activity, is not an exception and is expected to be similarly affected. Current social issues such as the problem of manpower shortages and the increase of labor productivity connect with not only labor savings, but also the working environment. In the future, both advanced production equipment and higher value-added lines will need to be rebuilt and improved through infrastructure development, optimization and automation using data analysis and artificial intelligence.

Nikko is always grateful to our customers, business partners, suppliers and all those giving us their support. We rely on existing motion and measurement technologies to challenge more advanced solutions and human development, cultivating the world’s best state-of-the-art. We want to offer all our customers equipment that produces the best products in the world. We will continue to
contribute to the development of the economy and the food industry both in Japan and globally.


For more than 40 years, Nikko has been continuously striving to develop smart machines and equipment for the food industry.


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Nikko is continuously advancing in cutting-edge technologies and various engineering solutions.

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Our company offers the best solutions for our customers.